How the LenSx Laser Improves Your Eye Surgery

How the LenSx Laser Improves Your Eye Surgery

The thought of undergoing eye surgery can be scary. After all, what if something goes wrong? The good news is that doctors perform approximately 4 million cataract surgeries each year in the United States alone, and it’s considered a safe and highly effective procedure with few risks or complications. And now, the LenSx® Laser system makes it safer than ever.

Our experienced team of ophthalmologists and optometrists rely on the latest proven technology when treating vision problems at Paragon Eye Associates. If you need cataract surgery, here’s how the LenSx Laser can improve your procedure.

Cataract basics

Before exploring the advantages that come with the LenSx Laser, it helps to have a general understanding of cataracts.

Your eye contains several structures that help process the light that reaches your retina on the back of your eye, which is how you see. One important component is your lens. The lens sits directly behind your pupil, the dark hole in the center of your eye. It bends the light rays passing through your eye onto your retina.

When you have cataracts, your lens becomes cloudy. This interferes with the light reaching the retina and causes things to look hazy, blurry, or less vibrant — kind of like looking through a dirty window. 

Cataracts aren’t life-threatening or dangerous for your eyes, but they can significantly interfere with your vision and worsen with time.

How cataract surgery with LenSx can help

If your cataracts interfere with daily life, cataract surgery can help. During this common procedure, we remove your cloudy lens and replace it with a new, clear one. However, we can also remove a lens during cataract surgery without implanting a replacement.

In the past, doctors had to make an incision in the eye to perform cataract surgery. But the FDA-approved LenSx system makes it possible to complete the entire procedure without blades. And it provides safer and more individualized care during the surgery. The secret is the LenSx laser technology.

The LenSx system uses femtosecond laser pulses of energy to break up the cataract and create microscopic openings in the cornea to remove it. It also uses a SoftFit® Patient Interface to hold the eyes still throughout the entire procedure. 

Our team can also pre-program LenSx for each of your eyes, which provides numerous benefits, including:

Plus, the LenSx procedure takes seconds to perform, unlike traditional cataract surgeries. That means you spend less time in the operating room when you have eye surgery with LenSx, and you get better outcomes.

Are you ready to see if LenSx can improve your vision? Contact our Paragon Eye Associates location in Arlington or Mansfield, Texas, to schedule a consultation today.

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